The Filmmakers

Michael Burns is a global justice activist and organizer. His particular interest lies in connecting the growing peace movement with permanent political voice in the interest of long-term change. This film has allowed him to meet some of his heroes and mentors who have done more than their share to bend the long arc of history toward justice. Being in their presence was a joy too great to put into words. This is Michael's first film.

Mike Burns with his niece.

Jon Winslow

Jon Winslow's childhood was a bittersweet whirlwind of world travel and indigence. At the age of eighteen he moved from the States to London where he made a concerted effort to squander his youth. Having succeeded- Jon returned to the States where he's currently trying to make sense of the world through his filmmaking and work in the US labor movement. This summer he'll be headed out to film school in LA where he plans to film the conclusions he's drawn.

Camera operator during early part of the production, Brian Oelberg has worked as a union organizer, teacher, pipe fitter's helper, and whitewater raft guide.  His most recent video work has been documenting labor, community, and peace activism in western Mass. He's a member of IWW Industrial Union #650. One big union.

Brian Oelberg

Greg Ansin

Greg Ansin is a Boston-based videograhper.  He's worked on a variety of local and national projects.  Born, raised and educated in Boston, Greg's early days were spent playing Iron Maiden inspired music.  He's one of the founders of the Boston-based web software company SurfMerchants.


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